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I added cleats next to the toe rail for springs because I didn't like the lines pulling sideways to the chainplates or genoa tracks. 90% of the time the force is minimal, but there have been a few situations where tied up to floats in river current of about 3 knots and the strain was pretty strong. In that case the springs took the strain and the bow and stern lines kept the boat alligned with the current and settled into a position just off the dock. 


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Mid-ship cleats were something we really missed when we moved from the Irwin 
to the C&C. So, we picked up a couple of cleats mounted on track slides from 
Garhauer at the boat show. Come in both 'plastic' and metal versions. We 
have the plastic ones and they have held up fine (but springs usually aren't 
holding the primary load. Slide on jib track to just aft of chainplates 
and lock with set screw provided. We have adjustable sheeting cars so it is 
forward of the blocks set up at the forward end of that system and certainly 
forward of anyplace you would ever set a jib lead car. I never have had 
reason to sheet anything inside the shrouds. Don't even carry a 100%. (does 
anyone sheet inside of the shrouds?) but there is still enough room in front 
of it to set a lead car if you wanted. In my case I just set the existing 
old cars way up front when I upgraded to the adjustable system. Probably no 
reason the carry the weight but..... 

TrustMe!!! 35mkIII 

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I was wondering what the concensus of the 35Mk III owners is with regard to 
setting up fore and aft spring lines. 

I have generally been using the base of the shrouds as the on-board anchor 
point, but this is not totally satisfactory on several counts (rips up any 
rigging tape I have protecting the cotter pins, is a pain to adjust on-board 
end etc) and I am also told it is not a good place from the point of view of 
placing undue stress on the chain-plates etc. 

Have other MkIII owners bought cleats that will attach to the slotted 
toe-rail - if so - where can I get them? If not what are better 
alternatives to the way I currently set up my spring lines? 

As always, thanks in advance! 

Indigo - Southport CT 
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