{Stus-List} Remove Stern Cleats for Racing?

OldSteveH oldsteveh at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 16 13:28:47 EST 2011

Ok folks now I've heard of everything.

Can someone explain how this would present a real racing advantage?
2 cleats at 3 lbs each (big ones) represents a 0.05% weight reduction on a
12,000 lb boat.
An infitismally small difference, which if somehow important could be made
up in other ways. 
I can think of a number of potential uses for stern cleats, mostly safety

Sounds like obsession with tiny details while possibly missing bigger issues
- like sailing skills.

Put a top notch boat in the hands of an average racing crew and you will
achieve average results (or worse).
Put an average boat in the hands of a top notch racing crew and you will
have top notch results.

Steve Hood
C&C34 - Whisper
Lions Head ON

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