{Stus-List} Radar Mounts

Geoff @ Sound Dive Center geoffp at sounddive.com
Sun Jan 16 15:26:40 EST 2011

I'm looking at putting radar on ReignMaker (37/40 xl)

I've looked at the traditional ways... Mast mount, 10 ft pole on stern and even the back stay.

We race 90% of the time and have had very little use for radar so far. 

We have AIS both active and passive. 

I'm thinking that I could create a temporary mount on the spinnaker track on the mast.  

It is over 10ft off the deck.  It strikes me that I wouldn't be using the radar while using the spinnaker anyway. 

We could have a plug on the mast that the unit would hook into while in use, 

The rest of the time, the unit would be down below, in storage. 

Does anyone have experience with this or thoughts.


S/V ReignMaker  37/40 xl

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