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I'd be worried about getting an adequate mount for something as heavy as a radome, depending just on the track.  It seems like the dome would "swing" around the track as the boat moved.

I always used a decent mast mount (Scanstrut or Raymarine's branded version) that wrapped around the mast and was attached with tapped bolts or stainless rivets at several points; this made sure that the domw would not move at all, even when the boat was in a rough sea.  That much weight moving around up high means something's going to break sooner or later.

I'd go for a stern pole.  You could rig it in such a way that you could fairly easily remove it if you wanted to get serious about weight for racing, then reinstall it for "cruise" mode.

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> I'm looking at putting radar on ReignMaker (37/40 xl)
> I've looked at the traditional ways... Mast mount, 10 ft pole on stern and
> even the back stay.
> We race 90% of the time and have had very little use for radar so far.
> We have AIS both active and passive.
> I'm thinking that I could create a temporary mount on the spinnaker track on
> the mast.
> It is over 10ft off the deck.  It strikes me that I wouldn't be using the
> radar while using the spinnaker anyway.
> We could have a plug on the mast that the unit would hook into while in use,
> The rest of the time, the unit would be down below, in storage.
> Does anyone have experience with this or thoughts.
> Geoff
> S/V ReignMaker  37/40 xl

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