{Stus-List} Remove Stern Cleats for Racing?

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If one removes the stern cleats then what will you use to tie up the  boat? 
Jack Fitzgerald
C&C 39 TM
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The  various PHRF regions each have their own rules. Chesapeake Bay will 
allow  you to remove cushions and un-needed doors, but not much of anything 
else  (have to keep a head door if it came with the boat). That's why 
boats have better performance - they come with much less baggage than our  
C&C's with their nice interiors. It is hard to get the PHRF judges to  make 
this subtle of a differentiation.

An example - Tim Jackett  brought C&C 99 #1 to the Annapolis Boat Show - 
kept it around for  some races. It wasn't complete - had a 'quicky' 
for the show so  was probably lighter than any other 99 ever built. It also 
had a crack  crew. Got a rating that nobody (I think) has ever been able to 
live up  to.

To show some variances - a friend bought an Andrews 26 MORC racer  which 
been raced a few years ago on the Chesapeake. It was rated at  138. The 
engine died, so he removed it, the strut and prop, and put a  light 
on a bracket. Got it re-rated - came out as 141! Nobody has  been able to 
explain that one!

So, look at PHRF as a guideline, not  as gospel.

As far as cleats, my view is - if they were standard, they  cannot be 
removed, period.


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