{Stus-List} Mainsheet system shortening

Jeff Nelson nelson2887 at eastlink.ca
Wed Jan 19 20:46:42 EST 2011

   I probably have a spare keyboard or two kicking around if you need one.
Another possibility is to 
   put it on the top rack of your dishwasher and run it through a wash
cycle.  I'd caution on the dry cycle,
   but once it's dry it should work again no worries.  Our IT group used to
do this regularly to clean 
   our keyboards.
   Of course if it's attached to a laptop it's much more difficult to
remedy.  :-)

   Jeff Nelson 
   Muir Caileag 
   C&C 30 



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They don't. My '3' key needs to be struck FIRMly to get it to register.
Sorry for the confusion.
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