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I just finished scrubbing my tank. I cut a 5" hole in the top, pumped out all the dirty fuel, cleaned and scrubbed the entire tank. It was very dirty, almost a full layer of sludgy microbe growth, water from condensation and plain dirt. Spotless now. Long dirty afternoon.
My tank came with an extra fitting. It's capped at top of the tank.  Would be convenient if you were installing a webasto furnace or something, the plumbing is already there. Standpipe and all.

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Simple answer…they are used as a port to get diesel fuel to whatever needs it…not a bad thing to have more than you need right now as long as they don’t leak…sounds to me like you would like one more,,,a bottom clean out…that’s not a bad idea because water sinks in diesel…and you don’t want water in the fuel tank…that is a persistent problem with most naval vessels from what I have seen…and with water in fuel comes MBG (microbiological growth) and that stuff clogs fuel filters and does other things that are not friendly with marine diesels.

Dwight Veinot
SMATVA Trails Director
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Ok listers, I have a brain teaser for you.

In my C&C 35-iii, I have a 20 gallon fuel tank.  That's not the mystery.

The mystery is the number of fittings on the top.

There are 4 in active use, and 2 more that are capped off.

The 4 in active use are:

Fuel pickup
Fuel return from injectors
Fuel fill (from deck fitting)
Furl vent

So why have 2 other fittings on the top?  What on earth would they be
used for?
They are both small (either 1/4" NPT or 3/8" NPT I can't remember).
I would love it if one of them was a "cleanout pickup" that lets me get
the gunk out of the bottom of the tank.

Anyone have a similar tank?  I'm sure it was the standard 20-gallon
aluminum tank used in the 80's; my owner's manual has a table showing
that everything from the C&C 27 to the C&C 40 used a 20 gallon tank.

-Keith Morgenstern

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