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I'm the owner of a '73 C&C 30 here in St. Louis.After reading Antoine's list, I better get busy.  At least the PO upgraded to a Universal 3 lung diesel so I have no points, plugs etc.While others have been working on their boats, I've been the grasshopper and just played; well except for the mast step which I replaced.  Look that over seriously as it's quite a shock when it collapses while under sail and the jib becomes very difficult to drop.The boat has been fantastic.RonWild Cheri

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Thanx! Almost every upgrade you mentioned is needed on Anchovy!  
The Starboard bulkhead is solid as of right now (I know because I just had the pressurized alcohol stove out for a rebuild), but I'll keep an eye on it.
I haven't checked the torque on the keel bolts yet, but I'm encouraged by the absense of a smile :-)
Split backstay is definately in our future.  Along with an adjuster setup.
Finally, Anchovy is tiller steered...Thank God!
Rick Bushie
s/v Anchovy, 1971 30-1, #1069
Annapolis / Worton, MD
(live in South Joysee)

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