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Della Barba, Joe Joe.Della.Barba at ssa.gov
Mon Jan 24 09:14:42 EST 2011

The 30 and 35 MK I have similar issues with the mast step. I rebuilt mine around 1995 or so. It isn't hard, just time consuming.

Joe Della Barba

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Hi Rick,

It's not easy to tell with the mast in unless you've already had a failure and know exactly what failed....

And I don't think it's something you should loose a lot of sleep over. A couple of seasons ago, one of the early 30's at our club had it fail while sailing and basically the step went slightly "squish", the shrouds and stays went slack, and the sea gulls started to laugh... ;-)

He repaired it himself - which is the kind of guy he is.

_If_ you couldn't motor, you should be able to sail with a reefed main  and perhaps use a small jib tacked to the deck and hoisted without the foil/forestay - only as much main as necessary and rig the topping lifts and spare halyard(s) to steady things.

You might be able to track back from previous owner to previous owner and find someone who will say he/she had it rebuilt.


I'm still curious about your propeller shaft... ;-)


On 11-01-23 09:59 AM, Rick Bushie wrote:
Gary, Antoine,

Thanx for destroying my false sense of security.  I just figured that an aluminun plate at the foot of the mast was what i was looking for.  Now i need to get out to the  boat and check it out.  The mast is in so i hope all is well in that area.


Rick Bushie
s/v Anchovy, 1971 30-1, #1069
Annapolis / Worton, MD
(live in South Joysee)


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