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Mine were friction fit.  Hammer & punch removed them.  They had a small detent 
on either side of the chain plate (just a mark made with a chisel like tool) to 
slightly flatten them to inhibit movement.

Dennis C.

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How did you remove that pin…the ones in my boat seem stuck in there pretty hard 
and it will take more than light normal tapping to move them.  Do I need to hit 
them harder or is there a secret…and when you put them back in what makes them 
stay…is it just a tight friction fit
D. Veinot
C&C 35 MKII, Alianna
Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS


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Relative to Larry's original question, he can take a hint from the 35-1 
chainplate design.  They are not welded but are held down by a pin which passes 
through a hole drilled in the chain plate.  Once the pin is removed, the bedding 
plate can be lifted to clean, repair, epoxy and reseal the chain plate's deck 
penetration.  Once the pin is replaced, a chisel or similar tool is used to 
place detents on the pin on either side of the chain plate to held it in place.
So, Larry, if you do choose to grind off the weld and make a free floating 
bedding plate, consider the above for reinstalling.
Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
Mandeville , LA


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I have a 1987 35 Mkiii, and I believe the factory setup has the WELDED
covers.  When I replaced mine a few years ago, South Shores Yachts (who
somehow got most of C&C's files and drawings), said they could make me
new ones from the original drawings.

As to the relative merits of welded vs. non-welded, I would think welded
would be better.  The chainplates do not go from the deck to the hull at
the same angle as the rigging.  As a result, varying rigging loads
(think puffs and lulls) would tend to make the end of the chainplate
move relative to the deck.  Bolting it to the deck (with welded covers)
would reduce flexing of the two, and thus help avoid the leaks you might
be having.  Not a lecture, just a theory.

Have no fear pulling the chainplate, it's relatively easy to do, plus
you really should inspect that part of the chainplate below the cover
for corrosion.

-Keith Morgenstern

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I've got leaky chainplates on my 35 MKiii and want to re-bed/seal them
at the deck.The boats I've had before have had chainplate covers(plates)
that are screwed or bolted to the deck.You would remove the fasteners
slide the plate up and off the tang and clean out and reseal and
refasten etc. This boat has the deck plate welded all around the
chainplate tang,so the job I want to do would involve unbolting the
chainplate from the bottom,pulling everything up and through the deck
then dropping it back in after loading the underside of the chainplate
cover with sealant. This seems wrong to me. Could the previous owner
have had them welded? Or was this the way they came from the factory.
I'd appreciate input from some of the mark iii owners . I'm really
tempted to grind off the bead of weld and free the plate from the tang
so I can do the repair from above the deck. If the factory designed them
this way (welded) then I guess I'd have second thoughts about changing
things. Right now there seems to be no bedding compound under the deck
plate at all,just a handfull of sealant shoved into the gap from below.



Sooner 35 Mkiii

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