{Stus-List} [OFF-LIST] Re: C&C 39 Landfall entering Sailfest Race

Frederick G Street fred at postaudio.net
Wed Jan 26 13:07:30 EST 2011

Hi, Harold -- $25 are winging their way into your Sailfest/Por Los Niños account.  Wish I could be there -- Good luck!

Fred Street -- Minneapolis
S/V Oceanis (1979 C&C Landfall 38) -- on the hard in Bayfield, WI   :^(
Bayfield Yacht Club

On Jan 26, 2011, at 10:58 AM, Harold Miller wrote:

> Greetings,
>   Harold and JC on the SeaBear (C&C landfall 39) have entered the
> Zihuatenajo Sailfest Persuit Race, and you can help. Due to an obvious
> loophole in Rule #9 we may NOT place last again this year. Rule #9 and
> other information is available at http://seabear.waybac.com/?p=788
> This is a chance for you to donate your hard earned cash to a worthy
> local charity that builds schools in Zihguatenajo, MX. You could also
> bring that big fiberglass boat-thingy you've been putting all that
> money into down here and join us! (Wally I'm talking to YOU!)
> Looking forward to the next 10 days, here's a link to it all
> http://zihuasailfest.com
> Harold
> S/V Sea Bear
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