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Sounds like a good idea. I've read a few How-To articles that advise adding fans. A diesel engine starving for air will exhibit symtoms of increased black smoke, loss of higher RPMs, overheating, and increased engine wear. 

I started a similar project; added air louvers to our boat's transom, intending to add the hoses and an exhaust fan in near future. 


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I’m doing a fairly major refit on my 38 (which seems to get more major with each item I work on. The more I disassemble, the more stuff I find that needs to be done) She has a Universal diesel installed, but was originally built with an A4, so there was a blower. 

You’re correct that a diesel powered boat does not need a blower as a fire safety item. But I plan to reinstall mine anyway – with the air hoses rerouted and blower motors in both the intake and exhaust. I have two reasons: air flow into the under cockpit area to help with cooling for the refrigeration I am installing, and airflow to purge any odors that might result from fuel or lube oil that gets spilled into the bilge. I figure as long as the blowers, vents and hose is there, it can’t hurt to have the system available. 

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I'm doing a refit on my new boat,pulling old abandoned wiring,renewing plumbing etc,and I've come upon a dilapidated blower system in the engine compartment.By the look of it,I don't think it has been operational for a long time,and yet the boat has been sailed up till recently. This boat has a yanmar diesel. I realize diesel fumes don't ignite,and that there could be other reasons (cooling the compartment etc.) for using a blower. I certanly have no problem with replacing the blower and ducts if they are a benefit.I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this. 



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