{Stus-List} adding a midships cleat - options.

Graham Collins gcollins at hfx.eastlink.ca
Sun Jan 30 19:36:27 EST 2011

With the recent discussion about adding midship cleats for spring lines 
in mind, I checked out some options at the Chicago strictly sail show 
last week.  Some observations:

1) the Johnson cleat that bolts on to the toe rail would likely work 
well, but I don't find it particularly nice to look at.  I'm not 
convinced you could overwrap a rope on it and not have it slip, but I 
could easily be wrong on that point. Tying a line on to it would work 
perfectly. Price at the show was $60.

2) Cleats that attach on the jib track were seen, from Schaefer and from 
Garhauer.  The Garhauer is $50, the Schaefer is $102.  Both would do the 
job well, the differences are that the Garhauer is aluminum base and a 
bolted on nylon cleat, whereas the Schaefer is cast stainless.  Also the 
Garhauer fastens in place by screwing down a pin into a hole in the 
track, the top of the pin sticks up and is a bit ugly, the Schaefer has 
a spring loaded pin and the release lever is recessed into the body of 
the cleat - very nice to look at and easier to adjust.

Conclusion: if you don't want to clutter up your jib track, go with the 
Johnson cleat on the rail.  On the jib track the Schaefer is much nicer 
to adjust and look at, the Garhauer is easier on the budget.  Or just 
put a shackle through the toe rail and tie a line through that...  :-)

references for pictures and prices (cut and paste into your browser of 

Garhauer: http://garhauermarine.com/catalog_process.cfm?cid=78

reporting in...

Graham Collins
Secret Plans

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