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I don't have a dutchman system, but removed my topping lift and installed a boomkicker years ago, love it.  I do "store" the main halyard at the end of the boom when sail is furled, helps steady boom from swinging, adds support when boom is used as an armrest, etc. 

You'll want to experiment a little w/ the different diameter and length of the rods, such that you don't get too much or too little lift.  Follow the instructions, it seems to me, at rest, the manufacturer wants about ten pounds of "up" force at the end of boom. 

Assuming you're not racing (since you have a dutchman) I'm not sure why you'd want to remove the dutchman system; if you're happy w/ the way it flakes now, and don't mind the extra lines and weight aloft, it should be fine after adding the boomkicker. 


Tamanawas, 29-II 

Hood River, OR 

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I've got a question. I have been thinking about replacing my Dutchman and adding a boom kicker. The main reason is to  eliminate the need for a topping lift. The Main hits the Topping lift as the main goes by. We have to lift the boom with an adjustable topping lift when dropping the Main and drop the boom after hoisting the Main. Or should I put up with the slight inconvenience of raising and lowering the boom. The Dutchman really is great when dropping the Main and flakes by itself. Whats your opinion collectively? Anthony (Tony) Psaris - C&C29 MK2-83- UNICORN ROSE  

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