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I suspect that attaching the topping lift (and Dutchman monofilament lines)
to the backstay might work if sailing close to the wind, but if yo were on a
broad reach would the pull on the lines cause by the boom being far off
center not distort the sail, cause the boom to rise up, or just tear out the
Dutchman lines?


I have a Garhauer rigid vang on both my C&C's and really enjoy the fact that
I was able to get rid of the verdamte topping lifts. Cursed things seemed to
be wrapped up in the backstay every time I needed to tack.


Get the rigid vang. You'll be happy. (and for my money the Garhauer  vang
works a lot better and costs a lot less than a boom kicker.)


If you really hate flaking the main, get a Doyle stack pack mainsail cover
(Neal Pryde makes a similar system called a Lazy Bag that I bet is less
expensive) or just install lazy jacks on the boom.


Rick Brass

With 62 ft of mid 70s C&Cs in Washington, NC 



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One way to get the topping lift out of the way is to either have it as a
short line from the backstay or have some way to move it backward and hook
it to the backstay. The latter would still let you use your Dutchman, as
getting rid of the topping lift altogether will get rid of the Dutchman as


What I would do is keep the Dutchman, figure out a way to pull the topping
lift aft to the backstay and still add a solid vang to get greater sail


Gary (happy with my Garhauer for about 10 years).


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