{Stus-List} Stugeron?

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The admiral and I have found ginger snaps and ginger ale to be helpful for nausea.  And they taste good, too!

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>Before taking Stugeron, read this letter that Latitude 38 published a 
couple of years ago from a medical doctor. It’s a couple of items down.
>Bill is absolutely correct that you should be cautious about taking the 
powerful medications they manufacture these days, even when they come from 
>I ended up seriously ill about eight months ago in part because my doctor 
didn’t read the fine print on side effects before prescribing some medication. 
It turns out that even though the medicine is commonly used, it was the wrong 
stuff for me.
>If the Federal Drug Administration hasn’t approved it, that should be a red 
flag. The FDA is extremely lenient these days about approving anything the drug 
companies develop. If the FDA said, no, I’m sure there are plenty of sad stories 
buried in their files about the side effects.
>Try ginger pills. After years of getting seasick, my wife used them to cure 
herself on the advice of a friend. They even calm her stomach when we’re out 
sailing and it turns rough. 
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