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Graham Collins gcollins at hfx.eastlink.ca
Wed Sep 14 19:14:15 EDT 2011

Hi Dennis
The G-Flex worked quite well, better than regular epoxy since the 
surface is vertical.  I brushed G-Flex onto the keel joint, put the tape 
on top of that, and went over it with a roller.  I considered vacuum 
bagging it but decided it wasn't worth the hassle, plus if the G-Flex 
layer between the glass and the keel was a bit thick it would probably 
work better anyway.  My objective was to have a layer spanning the joint 
that has some flex to it.

One point to your point, that method works well if you re-apply right 
away.  If you let the neat epoxy harden you have to wash with water to 
get the amine blush off.  Which I did on the keel joint.

 - Graham

Dennis C. wrote:

> Couple of fine points to clarify.  Like Graham says, you'll get a 
> better bond with thickened epoxy if you coat the surfaces with neat 
> epoxy first.  That is, activated epoxy with NO thickeners. 
> When I over bore and redrill deck or hull penetrations, I always 
> syringe neat epoxy into the hole then suck it out.  I then add the 
> thickener and re-inject the thickened epoxy.  This is particularly 
> important when you are sealing balsa core.  Applying thickened epoxy 
> directly to balsa increases the potential for voids and poor adhesion.
> Second, a question for Graham.  How well did the G-Flex saturate the 
> glass tape?  I think I would have used regular epoxy with glass tape.
> Dennis C.
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>     Hello Paul
>     I reworked my C&C smile in the spring using g-flex, I won't know
>     how it
>     performed for another month though (haulout toward the end of
>     October). 
>     There are a couple of methods out there.  Mine was:
>     1) sand the sides clean both above and below the smile.  Down to the
>     lead on the keel.
>     2) apply regular west systems epoxy as a coating on the bare
>     lead.  This
>     was done to make sure the g-flex had good bite.  Note, when applying
>     epoxy to lead apparently the trick is to brush it on and while it is
>     still liquid you wire brush the lead to remove any oxidization
>     from the
>     surface.
>     3) I applied a 2" wide strip of glass tape along the joint, using the
>     g-flex epoxy.  The stuff is like honey in consistency.
>     4) I faired that using more g-flex and fairing filler
>     5) a coat of interprotect to seal it all up
>     6) bottom paint
>     I'll report back when the boat is out.  The previous owner had
>     troweled
>     on some 5200 or equivalent, but it had started to come off so I
>     had to
>     re-do it somehow.
>     - Graham Collins
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>     Paul Eugenio wrote:
>     >Hi,
>     >
>     >My guess is that this topic has been discussed many times on this
>     list, unfortunately I cannot find how to search the list.  Also, I
>     looked on cncphotoalbum, but under "Repairing the C&C smile"
>     do-it-yourself, there are only photos.
>     >
>     >
>     >I have googled the topic and found several descriptions on how
>     folks solved their problems.  Some of the more recent hits discuss
>     using a new flexible epoxy G/flex from West Systems.  The posters
>     describe that prior to G/flex, that all other methods (5200,
>     traditional grind/glass/epoxy, …) would eventually fail.  Reading
>     several of these posts makes it seem like G/flex is a miracle
>     epoxy which make owners smile rather than their boats.  The
>     general procedure uses G/flex, a thick epoxy, to fill a cleaned
>     out joint and then wrapped with plastic or wax paper along with
>     some support to eliminate any epoxy sag.  This is followed by a
>     light sand and bottom paint.  Wow, seems easy, but I'm  worried
>     that it is too simple.
>     >
>     >I am interested to hear what most C&C owners are doing now.
>     >
>     >Thanks.
>     >
>     >-
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