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Hello Paul
I reworked my C&C smile in the spring using g-flex, I won't know how it
performed for another month though (haulout toward the end of October). 
There are a couple of methods out there.  Mine was:

1) sand the sides clean both above and below the smile.  Down to the
lead on the keel.
2) apply regular west systems epoxy as a coating on the bare lead.  This
was done to make sure the g-flex had good bite.  Note, when applying
epoxy to lead apparently the trick is to brush it on and while it is
still liquid you wire brush the lead to remove any oxidization from the
3) I applied a 2" wide strip of glass tape along the joint, using the
g-flex epoxy.  The stuff is like honey in consistency.
4) I faired that using more g-flex and fairing filler
5) a coat of interprotect to seal it all up
6) bottom paint

I'll report back when the boat is out.  The previous owner had troweled
on some 5200 or equivalent, but it had started to come off so I had to
re-do it somehow.

 - Graham Collins
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Paul Eugenio wrote:

>My guess is that this topic has been discussed many times on this list, unfortunately I cannot find how to search the list.  Also, I looked on cncphotoalbum, but under "Repairing the C&C smile" do-it-yourself, there are only photos.
>I have googled the topic and found several descriptions on how folks solved their problems.  Some of the more recent hits discuss using a new flexible epoxy G/flex from West Systems.  The posters describe that prior to G/flex, that all other methods (5200, traditional grind/glass/epoxy, ...) would eventually fail.   Reading several of these posts makes it seem like G/flex is a miracle epoxy which make owners smile rather than their boats.  The general procedure uses G/flex, a thick epoxy, to fill a cleaned out joint and then wrapped with plastic or wax paper along with some support to eliminate any epoxy sag.  This is followed by a light sand and bottom paint.  Wow, seems easy, but I'm  worried that it is too simple.
>I am interested to hear what most C&C owners are doing now.
>Paul E.
>s/v Johanna Rose
>Carrabelle, FL
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This List is provided by the C&C Photo Album
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