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Jonathan Thomson indigo at thethomsons.us
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On Indigo, the drain on the icebox is connected to a small handpump in the
cabinet below the sink. A flexible hose is attached to the pump which I take
and put in the sink when pumping out the water.


However, except for longer cruises / overnights where I need the iceblocks,
I now re-fill and freeze 2 or 3 of  the 3 liter Poland Spring bottles.  This
keeps the ice-box dry, while providing anough chill for the beers!


Jonathan Thomson

Indigo - C&C 35MkIII 

Southport CT


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My icebox has a drain and pump arrangement which empties the contents into
the bilge.  Not a great arrangement and I stopped using it years ago.  I
have taken to bailing the box with a sponge.  Not a big deal since it is a
12v unit (bags of ice melting after I forget to remove them etc) but it is a

I want to change the arrangement and would like to know what others have
done.  I am tempted to seal up the drain (to make sure odors are eliminated
from standing water in hoses) and continue to bail.  Simple.  But I am sure
others have better ideas.  

Thanks in advance.  

  <http://graphics.hotmail.com/greypixel.gif> David F. Risch
1981 40-2

(401) 419 4650 cell


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