{Stus-List} Ice Box Drains...drain vs pump

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Thanks to all for the well thought-out solutions to a seemingly simple problem. 

The debate, however,  about keeping the cold water vs pumping for cooling the box is beyond me as I am blessed with a functioning fridge and ample amps to power it.

Thanks again for all the great feedback!

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I'm for keeping the water since its temp is below ambient.  Temp drop is a mass action issue and the more cold mass, the longer it takes for a temp drop.  Heat loss is related to insulation and temp differential.  You can't do anything about the temp differential since that's the goal, but one could insulate better.  As we learned at football games in Minnesota, simple cardboard can be a great insulator.  For a cooler, I'd think shrink wrapping in poly would make a low volume effective insulator. 
Wild Cheri 

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To drain or not to drain?  I've often pondered that question.  I'm not the only one.  Here's a nice thread on the question:


So.....what does the list think?  And let's stay away from all the beer discussions.  The question is simply, "will ice last longer if the ice chest is drained or not drained"?

Dennis C.
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  If we drain the icebox automatically into the bilge the almost frozen water drains too early causing the ice to melt too fast so it is better to have a choice of when to drain the ice box and the means to do it.  

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