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It’s Brugal. A Family owned distillery in the Dominican Republic.


I have a bottle of the Extra Viejo Gran Reserva Familia that I bought while in the Dominican Republic in 2008. At that time the Ministry of Rum had it on the list of 10 best rums in the world.


Rick Brass


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10 Cane or Brugals (spelling) for me.  Maybe now as we've just arrived into Port...

On Sep 22, 2011, at 12:03 AM, Russ & Melody <russmel at telus.net> wrote:

Hi Chuck,

For run o' the mill straight-up rum I like (in no particular order):
Lemon Hart
Newfoundland's Screech
Cruzan (gold, I think)
Bacardi Gold

For extra special sips:
Santiago de Cuba
Bacardi 8 year
Havana Club 5 or 7 year

and extra extra special:
Smuggler's Cove "Rare Find"
cask #1 - 212 of 302... $150 per 750mL
        Oh my!

        Cheers, Russ
        Sweet 35 mk-1 

At 07:35 PM 21/09/2011, you wrote:

Our store had Barrits so we tried our first Dark & Stormys with ice, Barritts Ginger Beer and Goslings Dark Rum and real fresh limes.
I like the effect before stirring, but the rum floats on top, and the stirred drink is nicer mixed flavor.

Had a second one without the lime, also nice.

Have Goya Ginger Beer from the local ACME and will have to try that another time.

Is there a rum meant more for sipping straight?


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