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H Dwight,
This link might help take with some of the guesswork regarding anchor kellets.

I will still drop one down the rode if a gale 
warning is up, if nothing more it helps me feel 
like I've done something else to prepare.

         Cheers, Russ

At 04:55 AM 23/09/2011, you wrote:
>I guess when the rode has a substantial length 
>of chain from the anchor, say about 50 feet or 
>so, the kellet may be superfluous
I did a search 
>on the definition and didn’t find much
is it a new word
>D. Veinot
>C&C 35 MKII, Alianna
>Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS
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>I generally anchor in 10-20 feet of 
>water.  Sometimes less. I find that if I bump my 
>kellet down the line in 15 feet of water, it 
>pays out about 25-30 feet of the retrieval line 
>before it hits bottom. That has worked very well 
>for me, and in addition to making the anchor far 
>more secure, it reduces my swinging radius. It 
>also keeps most of the rode flat on the bottom, 
>which means it drags in the mud and weeds, 
>further limiting swing. That helps in crowded 
>anchorages, and also better matches my swing to 
>nearby boats with all chain rodes. I'm a big 
>believer in having as much scope as possible 
>when space is available. I can't imagine letting 
>the kellet out to the halfway point when I have 
>100-120 feet of rode out. I don't see how that 
>would help even if I did it. I also don't know 
>how I would accomplish that, as I set the anchor 
>and back down on it before deploying the kellet. 
>In the end, I never drag, even when those around 
>me seem to be having difficulties, and have 
>great confidence that I'm staying where I 
>intended. As I mentioned, I use a kellet 100% of 
>the time. It's something I was taught as a kid. 
>Regardless of our different techniques, there is 
>no doubt that using a kellet is better than not 
>using one! They are very effective.
>Bill Bina
>On 9/22/2011 8:57 PM, Jake Brodersen wrote:
>I've used these before and have found that they 
>are much more effective if the kellet is about 
>half way down the anchor rode.  That is where it 
>has the largest effect.  That effect is to 
>change the direction of the pull on the 
>anchor.  It's interesting that a 20 pound kellet 
>has a large effect on anchor holding.
>Jake Brodersen
>C&C 35 Mk-III
>Midnight Mistress
>Hampton VA
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>Here is a video that explains Kellets pretty 
>well, from someone who sells a rather expensive version of a kellet.
>I made my own from an 18 pound vinyl coated 
>mushroom anchor and a large carabiner. (Total 
>cost <$50) The mushroom anchor has a ring for an 
>attachment point. I attach a retrieval line 
>(even clothes line will work!) and the 
>carabiner. I deploy my main anchor normally and 
>then, once it is set well, I clip the carabiner 
>over the anchor rode and to the ring on the 
>mushroom. I then jiggle the retrieval line and 
>bounce the rode with my foot to help the 
>carabiner and mushroom jiggle their way down 
>until I feel it hit bottom. I leave enough extra 
>slack to keep the mushroom on the bottom when 
>the tide changes. I feel it's better to have the 
>kellet on the bottom and not raised like that 
>video suggests. The mushroom usually buries 
>itself a bit, which is desirable. It greatly 
>reduces swinging scope, and adds tremendously to 
>security. I use it 100% of the time when I 
>anchor regardless of conditions. When ready to 
>leave, I haul the kellet first, and then the anchor, as always.
>Bill Bina
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