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If your mast is a single spreader tree trunk like the mast on a 24 or 24,
and does not have a forward lower shroud, tightening the back stay will not
bend the mast and flatten the main. So the benefit is that you can tension
the headstay to get better pointing and less power in moderate to heavy air.
(or ease the backstay to get more shape and power from the headsail in light

A backstay tensioner for a split backstay is pretty inexpensive. The 6:1
double ended Garhauer tensioner arrangement on my 25 (pictures in the photo
album) cost less than $100 to add, and I use it a lot. I think a tensioner
for a single backstay will cost a lot more than that, so you need to make a
value judgment about how much bang you will get for your boat bucks.

Rick Brass

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1977 C&C 26.

I've just dropped the mast and am about to 
replace all the standing rigging.
I've no idea how old it is, so I'm being prudent!
While I'm at it, it might be a good idea to 
add a backstay adjuster. I'm thinking Wichard 
or Harken - It's a single backstay.

My thoughts are it's unlikely that the mast 
will bend significantly, but it will put more 
tension on the forestay making pointing 
better to windward and flattening the genoa 
somewhat when appropriate.

What's the thoughts out there in C&C land?
Will I see, experience a difference?
Is it worth the expense and effort?

I already have adjustable genoa cars / solid 
vang / new harken traveller.

Sam Salter
C&C 26  Liquorice
Ghost Lake  Alberta

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