Stus-List Autohelm 6000 problem

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Could there be a voltage drop Un the cold?

Joel Aronson

On May 1, 2012, at 7:56 PM, Martin DeYoung <mdeyoung at> wrote:

  How about a temperature related failure on the control circuit board.  As
it gets colder in November the failure shows up, in April/May the warmer
days allow the component to expand, closing the open connection.

Computer/equipment repair shops will use CO2 to freeze an area of a circuit
board to help diagnose a failure.  A hot air gun or hair dryer would allow
you to simulate April next November.



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I think for the last 3 years I’ve asked this question.

Every winter about Nov. my AP stops working.   In April it starts working
again.    A few clues.  The helm locks on but does not  correct.  It will
not take manual  instruction to alter course. This year, when it started
working again,  it would make corrections to port but not to starboard.
Last weekend all was good and it worked perfectly.

Any suggestions out there as where start looking for the problem?

Fred Hazzard

S/V Fury

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Portland, Or

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