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Great job Ian. You must be doing a lot of things right, to be doing so well. 

Any insight into the Farralon disaster and the crew of Low Speed Chase ? 

1990 C&C 34R 
Atlantic City, NJ 
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Today was the first race race in the 'Party Circuit' on San Francisco Bay. It was a funny weather day but perfect for a C&C 29-1. Long race up the Bay in beautiful weather. Mainly downwind with half of it with the spinnaker up. Light airs (untypical for the Bay but perfect for the 29-1). 
It's so much fun when you pass boats with PHRF=132 when you are rated 174 <grin> 
Finished 1st - 8 minutes ahead of the second placed boat - a cal 28! 
I love it when everything works out as it should 

Now if only I could get my boat to preform as well in 20+ knots! 

Ian Matthew 
"Siento el Viento" C&C 29 mk 1 
San Francisco Bay 

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