Stus-List Shrouds and chaffing

Ross MacLennan rossandbev at
Thu May 10 11:08:10 EDT 2012

There are a few commercial products available to help the big sails slide over the shrouds. West marine & other chandleries sell plastic tubes made by Davis which fit over the shrouds and turn as the sail rubs over them. These are OK but are just slightly larger than the shrouds so the sail still gets caught or bent around them. This is particularly tough on plastic sails or at least the bending &chaffing ie easily seen

You can also buy larger wooden rollers that fit on the shrouds. These are larger & roll better & are more expensive. This year I am experimenting with white PVC pipe ( about 11/2 inch diameter) with wooden ends of about 3 inches stuck into the pipe made by my friendly wood working neighbour.
They seem to work good but it's early in the season so I really can't assess them yet.
A fellow racer has rollers made from aluminum but I've never found them for sale anywhere . Maybe they are home built also?

Ross MacLennan
C&C 24 , Tobermory

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