Stus-List Fastening head to floor

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Oooh, I like the Starboard idea.  Comes in like 4 colors I believe.  I'm planning to replace my hatch boards with it.

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Just an idea; Black Starboard may be a better choice than plywood?  You may want to cover the entire step with it, so it looks like an upgrade?  You can work it just like wood, route the edge, countersink the holes, etc.  Once you're done, it needs no further maintenance.

I would try to provide an access hole to get one hand under the pan.  Maybe you can cut a hole for a hatch?

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Hi All, Sea Swan is launched and I went for my first sail on Friday evening. Perfect conditions for a first sail. I LOVE the boat. Ecstatic! Couldn't be happier. Crew knows they're in for a good summer so everyone is happy :)I feel like the luckiest SOB alive to be honest, never figured I'de own a "yacht" some day. On to my question. I pulled the old toilet from the boat and bought an el cheapo Jabsco at the boat sale price of 125 plus tax. The existing mounting bolts that held the old toilet do not line up with the new jabsco. The floor of the head is fibreglass and has the three existing bolts protruding from it. I can not get access to the bottom of this floor pan. It is un-cored fibreglass, not very thick. What are my options here? The jabsco has to be fastened well so it doesn't come lose (when someone is using it god forbid) but I can't get bolts through as there is no way to get nuts on them on the backside. I was thinking of bolting some marine ply to the base using the existing bolts and then screwing the head down but that's not super elegant and I doubt I'll be able to find a stain for the ply that would match the interior of the head. There's gotta be a better way!If I do go the stain/plywood way I will of course seal the ply with epoxy .. but again, that's not going to yield a very elegant solution. I wouldn't think anyway, maybe I'm wrong? The epoxy will certainly fog up/change the colour of the stain anyway. Or maybe I should use pigment and try to get the epoxy the same colour as the FG in the head? I have very limited experience working with FG and epoxy. As always, any help much appreciated. SteveC&C 32 Sea SwanToronto
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