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Wed May 16 09:52:05 EDT 2012

I have a cleat mounted on that track that holds up to mooring loads very
well, and I would trust it for jack lines too (I attach mine to the
foreward end of the toe rail on each side.  I would question whether the
track could adequately withstand the vertical load of a jib stay unless
held down below decks with a bulkhead or rigging (which would put it in the
middle of the v-berth.

Branford, CT

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 8:55 AM, Joel Aronson <joel.aronson at>wrote:

> I finally decided to order webbing for jack lines after reading about one
> too many sailing disasters and having my GF question my sanity when working
> on the bow untethered.  Jamestown Distributors wanted 96 cents a foot for
> the webbing.  Gear Express, an outdoors/climbing website has the same
> webbing for 31 cents a foot!  While $70 is not a big deal, I hate that
> marine stores charge more "just because".
> Is the spinnaker downhaul ring a good attachment point?  It seems to be
> close enough to the bow to let me work.  Also, if I ever need to use the
> storm jib is that ring strong enough for the jib?  The track looks like it
> was installed at the factory.
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