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Mainsail slugs 
Judging by the prevalent use of plastic for slugs, I think the load is minimal along the luff. However, I believe the load at the top slug attached to the headboard is greater because the mainsheet and vang are putting strain on the leech which all gets transferred to the halyard and headboard at the top of the sail. Compare the sail re-enforcement at the three corners, tack has minimal extra layers, clew is heavily re-enforced with extra layers of cloth, and the headboard has the most layers of re-enforcement. Our mainsail is 330 sq ft and came with a stainless slug sewed into webbing that is sewn through a slot in the aluminum headboard, but I don't think this is needed until the sail is reefed deeply when the attachment is further away from the mast top halyard sheave and more strain is lost from the halyard and taken up by the headboard slug. 

Why are you concerned about loads on the luff slugs? 


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Anyone know how to calcualte how much pressure is put on a luff slug given the area of mailsail, wind speed and 
halyard tension? 

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