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Man...I just agonized over the same thing and ended up going new by a local loft... Got prices all over the area and on line. The rolly tasker seems like a good deal until you compare apples to apples and then it ends up being only a little less.  I understand the quality is very high from what I've read. I went with quantum sails and got a 15% boat show discount from the Boston Boat show Danny

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I was hoping to get another season out of my main, but it needs to have major done or be replaced. �I'm getting quotes on a new main, but came across this one at Bacon's:
Catalog Number: 284-HDGM-175Luff: 41' 0"Leach: 43' 0"Foot: 12' 3"Head: 0' 0"Price: $750.00#26 C&C38, LF38. MAIN 7.4 oz DACRON BY ULMER. 1/2" ROUND NYLON SLUGS WEBBED TO GROMMETS ON COVERED ROPE LUFF & FOOT. LEECH LINE. PEEL OFF "C & C 38" INSIGNIA. TAKES FOUR STANDARD BATTENS - INCLUDED. SOME STICKY RESIDUE FROM PEELED-OFF NUMBERS. MINOR STAIN/SOIL. VERY GOOD. YELLOW BAG. 36 lbs. I assume the sail is off of a Landfall, and that the rig is stiffer than on my 35/3. Even though it fits the spars, would this be a poor choice for a main due to the differences in the rigs? �Should I just bite the bullet and go for a new rag? -- 
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