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Buy a box of sporks ! 


Tim Sippel 


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Colin, I loved it! I laughed out loud; that was great!  We do get so
involved in our boats that we forget to have fun sometimes!   


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Dwight and Alan,


My original post may have been a tongue in cheek jab at Dennis and his
propensity for analyzing every minute detail of the boating experience.


As a point of fact on Bojangles, I'm just happy if we can get all the
cutlery in the same drawer and find a corkscrew on short notice. 


Some guys (ie Dennis) knock off all the projects on their boats.   I'm
lucky if I can just get past all the Priority 1 items that keep the boat





Colin Kilgour 
Bojangles IV



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Why are you making a big deal about it.  There are some things that are
not worth fighting about.  Let your wife have her way, even if yours is
more efficient.  You'll earn points, and that's more important than
which way is more efficient.

Alan Bergen
C&C 35 Mk III Thirsty
Rose City YC
Portland, OR



I have a related question that I bet Dennis has an answer to.

I'm trying to better organize my cutlery drawer on Bojangles.
Normally, I prefer to have knives on the left, spoons in the middle,
and forks on the right.  My wife, a Pisces, prefers knives in the
middle with forks left and spoons right.

I keep trying to convince her my method is better, but short of
actually washing the dishes and putting them away myself (which in
itself would be an unacceptable defeat), I cannot get her to adopt my

While I believe my method is more efficient, I lack hard, compelling
data.  Has anyone conducted or heard of related time and motion
studies that I could cite the next time this comes up?


Thanks in advance.

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