Stus-List Sailing with a boom topping lift

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Dwight, you will need at least a 6:1 purchase. 


On 2012-05-24, at 19:34, dwight veinot <dwightveinot at> wrote:


How did you rig that for 2:1, just in case I get old one day.

Dwight Veinot
C&C 35 MKII, Alianna
Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS
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A 2:1 purchase on a C&C 26 main halyard?

Dude, get to the gym.


On 5/24/12, Sam Salter <sam.c.salter at> wrote:
> I put a Garhauer solid vang on my 26 about 6 years ago - then it was $210!
> I eliminated the wire topping lift. I haven't missed it at all.
> A bonus is that I used the topping lift pin aloft as a static end for my
> main halyard. I now have a 2:1 purchase on the mainsail halyard. Makes it
> lot easier hoisting the main and very little need to use the winch.
> Sam Salter
> C&C 26  Liquorice
> Ghost Lake  Alberta
> On 2012-05-24, at 4:24 AM, jackson maddux <jackson.maddux at>
>> a friend of mine with a sister ship simply put in a garhauer solid
>> boomvang for about $500 and that eliminated the topping lift.  Perhaps my
>> next big project......
>> -Jackson
>> C&C 32
>> Salem MA
>> On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 6:35 PM, anthony psaris <apsaris at>
>> wrote:
>> With a Dutchman, the topping lift is necessary. Having spoken to a couple
>> of riggers when I was going to add a Boom Kicker, there advice was to
>> the Dutchman, and forget the Boom Kicker. It requires that I drop the
>> and keep the topping lift loose under sail. However, I'm very aware that
>> the main hits the topping lift, however slightly. Chafing does happen at
>> the batten pockets and the velcro was replaced this year. I guess this is
>> a common problem. Anyone have any answers?
>> Tony Psaris
>> Unicorn Rose 29-2
>> Mt. Sinai, NY
>> From: Dennis C. <captbuy at>
>> To: Cn Clist <CnC-List at>
>> Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 6:04 PM
>> Subject: Stus-List Sailing with a boom topping lift
>> Perhaps one of the more obscure sailing topics I could dream up,
>> cutlery organization, lefthanded corkscrews, etc.  However, a topic which
>> I've found is misunderstood.
>> In my mind, boom topping lifts serve two purposes, holding the boom up
>> when the main is not raised and adding more twist (curve) to the leech of
>> the main when sailing.  While the former is obvious the second is more
>> obtuse.
>> Some sailors like to raise the boom slightly to shape the leech of the
>> main.  This is used mainly in very light conditions when the weight of
>> boom (assuming no rigid boom vang) tends to tighten the leech and close
>> the exit of the main resulting in a bit of inefficiency as the flow may
>> detach from the leeward side of the main at the exit.
>> The downside of sailing with the boom topping lift attached is damage to
>> the main.  This is especially true if the topping lift is wire.  Even
>> loose, the topping lift can rub on the seams of the main.  Much of this
>> chafe will occur at the batten pockets.  If the wear becomes excessive,
>> the boat owner might see a batten get ejected the next time he sails in a
>> decent breeze.
>> So, my advice is to not sail with a wire topping lift attached.  Either
>> change it to line, detach it while sailing or install a rigid topping
>> and use the boom topping lift only while the main is dropped.
>> I have a wire topping lift on Touche' for longevity.  I use Harken blocks
>> 244 (fiddle with V-cleat) and 235 (single with becket) to make a small
>> adjustable purchase which makes it easy to attach and detach the lift.
>> Dennis C.
>> Touche' 35-1 #83
>> Mandeville, LA
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