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Thu May 24 19:21:39 EDT 2012

Waterlift mufflers use the exhaust gases to push the water up and out of 
the muffler, hence the intermittent flow at the transom outlet.

The muffler is basically a pot with an inlet and outlet.  The outlet 
originates near the bottom of the interior of the muffler.  
Hypothetically, a muffler with an interior failure would behave in 
strange ways - giving unusual flow patterns at the exhaust is consistent 
with that failure mode, but does not in and of itself explain the water 
in the boat.

Assumption:  When you were motoring in the failed state,the engine was 
not overheating.
Therefore, your water inlet and water pump were likely operating correctly.

I would look for ways that water could escape the exhaust system into 
the boat.  Do you have an anti-siphon loop in the system? You should - 
mine is between the cooling water exit from the exhaust manifold and the 
injection nipple on the elbow.  Could a muffler with an intermittent 
failure (how the heck that happens is speculative) cause water pressure 
to build up and escape the exhaust system?

There are several suppliers of waterlift mufflers.  Defender Industries 
sells the Vernalift products.  Vetus makes them.  Your local GOOD 
chandlery should be able to get you a suitable unit overnight.

Good luck!

On 5/24/2012 6:16 PM, Tom Christopher wrote:
> Listers I need troubleshooting help.
> I splashed the boat today.  My summer marina is about 29 miles away.  
> Everything was going well until about four miles from the dock, the 
> boat started taking on water .  It went above the floorboards very 
> quickly.  We managed to control it with the manual gusher pump.
> Lifted the boat out and inspected  with no problems found.  It was 
> coming in quite strongly while underway but stopped once in the marina.
> I suspect the exhaust can (correct name please ) or the exhaust 
> hose.   I ran the engine at 2300 rpm at the dock and inspected the 
> hoses etc.    but nothing found and no leaks to give away the 
> problem   The exhaust does not sound normal.  usually has that slug of 
> water type exhaust.   Now has water draining out but a pure exhaust 
> gas sound with no slugs as normal.
> Anything to try to isolate this problem?  Places to buy the hose and 
> or exhaust can.
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