Stus-List time estimates for Poly Glow application

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Really cleaning (wax removal, fine white rubbing compound as needed after that) a 1980 30' hull for the very first application took me over 4 hours.

Five years later Poli-prep cleaning /stripping the hull took 2-3 hours.
Applying 6 coats PoliGlow to a clean hull takes 1-2 hours (applicator on pole, boat on cradle, walk around and sponge it on) including a beer break.

Annual application of 2 coats takes 15 min to water-rinse hull first and 30 min to apply.

Nate Flesness
"Sarah Jean"
1980 30-1

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I had the yard apply Poly Glow this spring to Cat's Paw and am impressed with the number of hours charged for the job.  Certainly the red paint was a bit oxidized, so it probably took some scrubbing with the first solution to get the oxidation removed.  But 12 hours seems like a long time to treat a 35' hull.  For those of you who have used this product, how much time did it take you?

Thanks,  Eric

Eric Frank
Cat's Paw
C&C 35 Mk II
Mattapoisett, MA

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