Stus-List 1975 C&C33 - leaking shaft log

David Paine painedavid at
Wed May 30 09:35:26 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I launched last week and find I have a small leak where the stuffing box
hose attaches to the shaft log (the tube that allows the shaft to exit the
hull).   The 33 has a v-drive so the shaft log/stuffing box is horribly
inaccessible underneath the A4 engine.  I plan on somehow putting another
clamp on the hose in the hope that that cures the problem.  The two that
are on there now are tight.  Both the gland nut end of the stuffing box and
the stuffing box side of the hose look and feel dry --the shaft log side is
all that is left but it is impossible to see.   I'm as sure as I can be
(visual inspection prior to launch) that the shaft is running free and not
wearing into the shaft log

 Thanks for any suggestions!

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