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Hi Danny,

For prop removal, get a heavy chuck of steel with a hole in it 
slightly bigger than your shaft diameter. Holding the shaft vertical, 
prop down, load the chunk onto the shaft and drop it onto the prop. 
Jerk the shaft up & down repeatedly (using the chunk o' steel as a 
slide hammer) until the prop drops off.
It took less than 30 seconds to do mine when it was "too stuck".
A decent machine shop will lend you the scrap piece to do the job (on site).

When you get delivery of your new shaft, install the coupling half 
and take it back to this friendly machine shop and get them to true 
any run-out off the face. This is an important part of the re-shaft 
(or curing an obstinate vibration problem) project. A quality shop 
fabricating a new shaft will insist on this step as part of their supply.

         Cheers, Russ
         Sweet 35 mk-1

At 10:59 AM 07/05/2012, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I was having a hell of a time getting my prop shaft out of the 
>coupler to replace the cutlass bearing.  So, in my infinite wisdom, 
>I decided to cut the shaft and replace it as well.  Well, I got the 
>shaft cut, got the end out of the coupler but I have yet to get the 
>prop off the shaft.  Anyway, I found this site 
> that sells shafts.  I 
>was wondering if anyone had heard of or dealt with them and whether 
>or not it would be a good idea to use them.
>Are shafts that universal, that by simply giving length, diameter 
>and how many tapers it will file my boat?
>The price seems great and I can get the cutlass bearing from them.
>Viking 33
>Buzzards Bay area
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