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I placed an order for a shaft, cutlass bearing, flange, and reducer to match
the prop  bore to the shaft diameter and a face/fit from Deep Blue on a
Monday afternoon, it arrived in Toronto Friday the same week. Everything
installed properly. The Canadian alternative was twice the price and twice
the delivery time. You'll need to order the same parts I did, unless you
plan to have the flange faced and fitted locally once you get it.

My only negative observation was that the original flange had two bolts that
went into the dimples on the shaft  and these had holes in the heads so they
could be wired to prevent turning. The replacement flange only has a single
bolt and no means to wire it. 

Re: prop removal, I was having trouble, tried heating hub, cooling shaft
with compressed air etc but it finally popped off after I tensioned the
puller and then put a bag of ice on the shaft. 
Good Luck
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Hi Danny
Deep Blue - I bought a cutlass bearing and a PYI shaft seal from them,
absolutely no complaints (including having it shipped to Canada).  The
purchase was made two years ago.

It is my understanding that the shaft should be readily ordered with that
info, but I have not had to order one so no first hand knowledge there!

Graham Collins
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djhaughey at wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was having a hell of a time getting my prop shaft out of the coupler to
replace the cutlass bearing.  So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to cut
the shaft and replace it as well.  Well, I got the shaft cut, got the end
out of the coupler but I have yet to get the prop off the shaft.  Anyway, I
found this site that sells
shafts.  I was wondering if anyone had heard of or dealt with them and
whether or not it would be a good idea to use them.
> Are shafts that universal, that by simply giving length, diameter and how
many tapers it will file my boat?
> The price seems great and I can get the cutlass bearing from them.
> Danny
> Viking 33
> Buzzards Bay area
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