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Thanks everyone.

I think Don is correct.  At least his diagnosis is the same as mine.

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I assume you have the Atomic 4.

Here is a link to the manual for the Atomic 4 compliments of stu's 
website. It includes the wiring diagram.

When the ignition switch is on, current is traveling through the coil as 
long as the points are closed and not moving. You will find the coil is 
likely also getting warm after about 15-20 minutes if the motor is not 
started. Some high voltage coils and breaker-less ignition components 
become  very hot after about 10 minutes and if the motor is not started 
will self destruct (don't ask me why I know).

So check your coil it may be hot also. This does not help longevity.

It is unwise to leave the ignition on when the motor is not started . 
Yet it is easy to leave the ignition on when working on the motor. I 
have installed a female connector to the wire from the coil so I can 
disconnect/connect the coil from inside the engine cave.

Your negative wire may be hot because it has the problem mentioned by 
Joel. Or, you may have had it on for too long a  time.


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