Stus-List B&G Instrument Malfunction (Wind Direction)

Graham Collins gcollins at
Fri May 11 16:45:45 EDT 2012

Hi Jake
You could talk to these guys:  - I 
would think they can tell you if it can be tested easily.

My ancient B&B wind instrument has a home made metal vane on it, and 
still works - we tested it today for the first sail of the season, gusts 
 > 25kts.

Ironically, the newest instrument on the boat, a Ray ST60 knot meter, 
never frickin' works - every season once the boat is in the water I have 
to pull the transducer and give it a spin - despite that the thing spun 
freely out of the water.  Riddle me that!!! :-)

Graham Collins
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Bill Connon wrote:
> Jake Brodersen wrote:
>> All,
>> Last fall my ancient B&G instruments experienced a malfunction.  The 
>> cockpit indicator for wind direction stopped moving.  It has stayed 
>> that way for months, indicating about 6:30 on the analog indicator.  
>> The digital indicators show a similar figure (about 190 degrees)  The 
>> wind speed continues to function, but true and apparent wind speeds 
>> are now incorrect due to the faulty directional input.  The only time 
>> wind speed is correct is when we're at the dock!
>> I checked the connections on the back of the instruments at 
>> everything seems fine.  Not much else I thought I could do at the time.
>> At the spring launch last Friday I noticed that the wind vane for the 
>> instruments was missing!  I went up the mast on Sunday.  While I was 
>> up there I spun the vane hub, but the indicator still didn't move.  I 
>> took the unit down and the vane is just gone.  I imagine the plastic 
>> had succumbed to too many years in the sun.  I am contemplating 
>> replacing the vane, if I can find one, but it appears that the 
>> cockpit display isn't working anyway.  I find it odd that I would 
>> have both a mechanical and electrical malfunction at the same time.  
>> I'm not sure how much money I want to sink into these instruments, 
>> since they are probably over 20 years old.  I have the Hecta and 
>> Hornet (speed/depth) as well.
>> After spending major bucks to get the boat in the water this year, I 
>> might have to delay instrument replacement until next year (if needed).
>> Is there a way to test the directional vane with a VOM on the output 
>> pins?  They are all lettered nicely, but I don't have a diagram 
>> showing what is what.  I hate to go the local marine electronics 
>> dealer ask him to fix it.  I'm afraid he's going to declare them dead 
>> or charge me $500 to get them going again.   Opinions?   Fred???
>> Jake
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> Jake,
> I have the manual for the old Hornet system that came with my boat. 
> (analog only) There is a troubleshooting page with 11 tests as well as 
> various voltages and resistances that are required. If you think that 
> it could help you I will scan the page and forward it to you.
> Bill
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> 1978 C&C -36
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