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Rob, I add my thanks and appreciation for putting together such an event; I only regret that I could not attend!  Let me know as soon as any transcripts or records or or notes form the sessions are available. Thanks again!


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Thank you for this.  Do I remember you saying we would also get notified when 
he recordings of the discussions becomes available?

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 C&C Yachts Reunion and Living History Conference a Resounding Success    
               May 7, 2012  

he depth of history of Canadian boat building and sailing gathered at the Royal 
amilton Yacht Club on the weekend of April 14 -15 was immense.

n Saturday evening of April 14th, 120 past employees and associates of the 
anadian sail boat designer and builder, C&C Yachts, gathered at the RHYC to 
hare memories, tell stories, and generally get reacquainted almost 20 years 
fter the company closed its doors in Canada for the final time. Held under the 
uspicious of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston, which holds the 
&C Collection of drawings and memorabilia, this was the first of two days of 
vents, followed on Sunday the 15th by the "C&C Yachts Living History 
onference" held in the large room upstairs in the Waterfront Conference Centre. 
his event was also attended by about 120 people who listened to four discussion 
anels field questions from the audience and the Moderator, Maurice Smith of the 
arine Museum, throughout the day on Design, Production, Sales and Marketing, 
nd finally the Legacy of C&C Yachts.

&C Yachts Alumni and Associates gather on the front lawn 
f Royal Hamilton Yacht Club- photo courtesy of Stephen Mazza 

anel members included George Cuthbertson, Rob Ball, Steve Killing, Rob Mazza, 
uth Smith, George Hazen, Chuck Bentley, Barry Carroll, Paul Anstey, Henri 
driaanse, Herman Verstegen, Gert Tiel, Murray White, Don Finkle, Peter 
lacklock, Len Ramsey, Michael Spicer, Rob Turner, Murray Burt, Don Green, Doug 
unter and Dan Spurr. The Conference spanned the whole spectrum of wooden and 
omposite boat design and building over the last sixty years, bur focused 
rimarily on the heyday of C&C Yachts from its founding in 1969 to its first 
nsolvency in 1986.  

he audience heard that C&C Yachts was the largest sailboat manufacturer in 
orth America, capable of producing dual purpose racer/cruiser sailboats from 24 
o 66 feet in an unparalleled level of efficiency. However, changes in market 
onditions and strong economic and sociologic headwinds doomed the company as it 
id so many of its less successful competitors in the mid to late 1980s. 
owever, the audience also heard that the legacy of C&C Yachts was not only in 
he strikingly good looking boats of superior quality and performance that were 
roduced in four plants over three decades, and in the fond memory of all those 
ho shared an association with the company, but also in the many people who 
tarted with C&C and went on to very successful careers of their own in the 
oating industry, modeling their future activities on what they had learned at 
&C Yachts.


embers of the Design, Production, Sales & marketing, and Legacy Panels 
ather for group photo - Photo courtesy of Canadian Yachting 
he Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston is preserving the legacy of C&C 
achts. A good part of this legacy this will be displayed as part of an exhibit 
t the Museum scheduled for 2014 on the History of Great Lakes Yachting, with 
&C Yachts being very much a major part of that story. 

ithout question, these two days were significant events in the history of 
ailing in Canada. For more information about the C&C Collection at the Marine 
useum of the Great Lakes, please go to  the Museum web site> 
 or contact Curator Ben Holthof <mailto:bholthof at> , or call (613) 

oderator Maurice Smith introducing members of the Sales and Marketing Panel 
hoto by Rob Mazza 

eorge Cuthbertson poses a question to the Sales and Marketing Panel 
hoto by Thom Hough 

eorge Cuthbertson congratulating Conference Organizer Rob Mazza 
t the end of a very successful weekend. Design Panel members Steve Killing, 
eorge Hazen, Rob Ball in background.  Photo by Thom Hough 


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