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Thu May 17 07:34:23 EDT 2012

FYI, I added some shots from yesterday after the thunderstorms had passed
through our area.  I'm still on jackstands because we cant get the
gosh-darn riggers to put our mast back up in the rain....something about
OSHA safety standards.

Here's my list of supplies:
1. LOTS of acetone for clean up and for cleaning off the frames prior to
any placement of glue/goo/primer
2. paper towels immediately accessible
3. Drop cloths (i cut up some old sails), pinned at every possible location
with masking tape. ALSO, put the drop cloth INSIDE the boat to catch drips
of the primer during application
4. lots of masking tape
5. thin toothpicks (for making even spacing along the bottoms & sides)
6. Sika flex 295 UV
7. Sika flex 209 primer
8. disposable paint brushes
9. bondo to fill in the gaps
10. multitool with ROUGH sandpaper attachment to grind out the old glue
down to the filler the builders used
11. 3/8 cast acrylic windows from<,Chelmsford,%2BMA%26cid%3D0,0,17778903281101829496%26t%3Dh%26z%3D16%26vpsrc%3D0%26iwloc%3DA&vps=1&output=js&ved=0CBkQ5AQ&sa=X&ei=S9m0T87gDM6Z8ga7ttiODA&s=ANYYN7msrpKI8Cu0UM1zfy_YuACF2j7DsQ>(total
cost for ALL 4 windows = $71).  Templates made from the originals
12. scrap wood with notches cut to fit on the life lines.  I measured with
a cloth tape from the mid portion of the window (during the dry fit) to the
upper lifeline...this gave the best angle.
13. Disposable plastic spackle knife to smooth out the sikaflex to match
the thickness of the glazing tape. Also for smoothing out the sikflex after
the window has gone in as well as removing the excess.
14. 1/8 inch glazing tape, double sided, from:
15. Pencil to trace out the window frame on the paper backing on the INSIDE
of the window while it's in place during the dry fitting.
16. xacto blade or other razor blade to carefully cut away the 1-1.5 inches
of paper from the inside of the new window backing paper to allow it to
stick to the sikaflex
17. 100 grit sandpaper for roughing up the inside of the exposed window

Things I learned:
1. use the toothpicks during the dry fitting as well as stick them in the
smoothed-out sikaflex  just prior to carefully angling the window in from
the bottom
2. put out an extra bead of sika flex on top of your smoothed-out 1/8 inch
layer near the out edge of the frame
3. After the frames are clean/dry and ready here's the order of stuff to
  1. glazing tape on the inside edge. leave the release plastic on at this
  2. primer on the frame and on the window.
  3. sika flex liberally applied using a "V" cut bead
  4. spackle knife for smoothing
  5. more sika flex
  6. toothpicks into the sika flex on the bottom and sides of frame
  7. pull off glazing backing tape
  8. Place window by "hinging" it in from the bottom
  9. Once the window contacts the glazing tape, you are done.  So  make
sure you have a helper
  10. Push firmly  and evenly to squeeze out extra sika flex
  11. Place the braces.  One in front, back and middle. I placed the part
touching the window first and then angled it onto the lifeline
  12. be ready with the sikaflex in case some of the bead "sucks" back in
once you let go and the glazing tape expands back a bit
4. spackle knife to smooth off the excess sikaflex between the window and
the frame.  Go all the way down to the masking tape until you see it, other
wise the sikaflex will be too thick.
5. Use the spackle knife very gently to "pick" at the backing tape on the
inside once the sikaflex is dry (24 hrs), to get enough of an edge to pull
it off.

Hope that helps,

C&C 32
Salem MA

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 11:40 PM, Brent Driedger
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> Very nice work. It puts my install to shame. The foam tape is a fantastic
> idea! Next time...
> Brent
> C&C 27-V
> Wild Rover
> On 2012-05-16, at 7:01 AM, Tim Goodyear wrote:
> Looks great - nice pictures to document the process!
> Tim
> Mojito
> C&C 35-3
> Branford, CT
> On May 16, 2012, at 7:03 AM, jackson maddux <jackson.maddux at>
> wrote:
> Thanks to everyone at the list who gave suggestions/ideas/help and so on.
> Attached is a link to the window project that we just completed this past
> weekend.  Enjoy the pictures!
> -Jackson
> Schiehallion
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