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The cars come with a traveler car loader, just for that purpose. It's blue, plastic, about eight inches long. Call Harken, if you didn't get one with your boat. 

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On Saturday I was trying to catch up on a bunch of small maintenance jobs that lousy weather prevented me from getting done in the yard before launch. One of the smallest ones is cleaning the crud that accumulates over the winter around the genoa tracks and under the cars. Usually I just wash this out with a hose and let it go at that. But just that morning I had seen an ad in the latest issue of Sail about the bearing retainers on Harken genoa cars. Since we have a Harken can on our traveler, and since it has bearing retainers, a light went on: "I can remove the cars from the track, really clean the bearings, a check them for wear!" Well ... not so much. Apparently the NEW Harken genoa cars have bearing retainers, but ours, which are about 8 years old, don't. When I pulled the first car off the track all the bearings ran out all over the deck. 

I think I got them all; and I think they're the same size that are used in the traveler car, so I've got some spares. But how the devil do I get the balls back in place? I can put them in the races when the car is upside-down, but the instant I turn it over they fall out. Harken says over and over not to grease them, so I can't pack the race with grease and use that to hold them in place. How do I do this? 

Until I get the cars fixed I don't think I can sail the boat, so this is something of a crisis! 

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