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Hi Dennis, 
I bought a small heavy canvas tool bag (for $10 to $15) from Harbor Freight that holds all six winch handles, the Navtec handle, and four genoa cars when not in use. The bag lives on a pilot berth behind a bulkhead out of sight. Chose canvas because it won't scratch the sole or the table if crew sets the bag down there. The previous owner kept these items in a plastic gym bag that ripped. 

After sailing, I remove all the handles from the cockpit area and set them on the threshold of the companionway. Then when I go below, I place the handles in the bag and on the berth. Seems to keep them together, and crew learn where to look for the extra handle when we setup to race. Before sailing, all of the handles are placed in holders strategically placed in the cockpit. 

Harbor Freight has a 15" for $15 and an 11" for $7 . They may have others. 

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I've got the regular winch handle holders/pockets in the cockpit for when we're sailing and using the handles. 

I want a better system for storing them when not in use. Currently, I just drop my winch handles into a bucket in a cockpit locker. I've got 3-4 of them. There has to be a better system. 

Any neat ideas for a holder, rack, hanger for winch handles that would be easy to put them in and easy to grab them out? 

The products below are interesting. Anybody using any of them? Opinions? 

Wonder if a winch handle would lock into a regular wrench socket? Could just screw 3-4 of them to a bulkhead. That would cost as much as the purpose made product above. 

Dennis C. 
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