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Please send pics to me  johnrmcl at  I am over on the Hudson and could drive over to pick up if needed.   Do I read correctly that the spin pole is about 16.5 feet long?  Fixed length or adjustable?

John McLaughlin

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Since we’ve had a recent C&C 38thread, I thought I’d introduce the availability of Spinnaker gear frommy 1977 38MKIIC. 
I purchased this boat in 1997 with allgear aboard.  I have never used any of the spinnaker gear and may evenhave a couple of original spinnakers available as well.
I converted to an ASYM years ago but havestored this gear since the boat and spars (including the spinnaker gear) were Awlgrippedin 1998.
Available Gear:
Aluminum spinnaker pole, with bayonet carend and clam shell outboard end fittings.  (Approx. 4” x 16.5’)
Reaching Strut with normal end fittings.  Approx.(5-6”)
Double bayonet sliding car, adjustableline control….
Deck chocks for both pole and strut……… 
Sheets with Hockey puck stoppers and snapshackles………….(Heavy)
Two large snatch blocks that were used tolead sheets to the rear rail fitting.
At least one Spinnaker, possibly two. (Ihave to check that inventory)
The pole and reaching strut were strippedand Awlgripped in a “Cream white” that matches the deck on my boat…………
The boat and inventory is located in the Boston area, If someonehas a way to transport this stuff, I’d let it all go for $500.
Pictures available on request………..
Ron C.
Impromptu  C&C 38MKIIC  ‘77

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