Stus-List Snaptoggles in Canada

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West Marine use to have them - not sure if they still do - even at their
pricing you'd be ahead - check their catalogue and order them if they don't
have them in stock. Fastenall or Acklands  Granger would be the other places
here I'd try - Acklands Granger does not sell to the public - but I can buy
from them if you need.


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Hi All.


I've been googling and making phone calls and no luck. I can not find
snaptoggles for sale in Canada. The one place online in the states that
seemed ok to buy from wanted $20 for shipping on a $20 order PLUS I'll have
to pay some crazy brokerage fee because they only ship UPS. This would for
sure be over $50 all told for FOUR BOLTS! I know a boat is a hole for money
and while I can bring myself to pay $200 for 4 snubbers I can't bring myself
to pay over $50 for four bolts. I've even tried Pacific Fasteners here in
Toronto, they typically have anything one might need for a boat .. but not

I had a thread going a week or more ago about securing my marine toilet and
this is definitely the best way to go for me. 

Any help would be much appreciated.




C&C 32 Sea Swan


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