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Thu May 24 19:00:43 EDT 2012


It sure sounds like a cooling water problem, but it's a bit odd as the water quit coming in once you stopped at the dock. 

I suggest flashing up the engine and going for a run to duplicate the conditions when you first found the problem. Take someone along to drive while you have a good look around the boat. If the water is indeed coming in that quickly, the source should be quite evident. I could write a couple of pages of guesses,  but I think your quickest way is to go for a run. The boat likely won't sink! Keep your eye on the engine to ensure you don't overheat it in case there is a water leak ahead of the cooling circuit. Also check the transmission oil cooler if there is one.

Let us know what you find. Also let us know where you and the boat are in case there is a lister near by who might help, and also may know where to buy stuff. Likely not if you are in Punga Punga, but you never know:)

Rich Knowles
Halifax, NS.

On 2012-05-24, at 7:16 PM, Tom Christopher wrote:

Listers I need troubleshooting help. 
I splashed the boat today.  My summer marina is about 29 miles away.  Everything was going well until about four miles from the dock, the boat started taking on water .  It went above the floorboards very quickly.  We managed to control it with the manual gusher pump.
Lifted the boat out and inspected  with no problems found.  It was coming in quite strongly while underway but stopped once in the marina.
I suspect the exhaust can (correct name please ) or the exhaust hose.   I ran the engine at 2300 rpm at the dock and inspected the hoses etc.    but nothing found and no leaks to give away the problem   The exhaust does not sound normal.  usually has that slug of water type exhaust.   Now has water draining out but a pure exhaust gas sound with no slugs as normal.
Anything to try to isolate this problem?  Places to buy the hose and or exhaust can.
Tom Christopher
1988 C&C 30 mk2
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