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I'm on Rogers. When I was using their filter system I had dropped mail, and spam and viruses getting through. Have switched to "Avast" for security and things seem to be going well. Fitting for a sailor, too.

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I gave up with Shaw and set up a Gmail account for my list traffic. Shaw, of course, denies any problem with their end. Frank from Felicity says that Shaw is dropping a lot of his mail on a regular basis, so it's not just the C&C list. In a similar vein, most of the Telus email addresses I attempt for rendezvous traffic come back as undeliverable, so email problems are getting widespread. It's no longer the reliable medium it used to be. I think Spam filters in general are taking out too much regular traffic. 

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>Did you check your spam folder?
>Had to turn off all of my spam filters last month when half of my "Stus-List" emails were going there.  
>It took several agonizing attempts but once the spam filters were turned off, I haven't missed mail.  
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>Well I know you live right, lucky I wonder what I am doing wrong
>but there's so much to choose from I just can't figure out what I am doing
>to affect getting those emails, but I have gotten yours and Wally's and
>Gary's lately all through the list so maybe I have "totally redeemed myself"
>Dwight Veinot
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