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I used Dow 795 last year based on Select Plastics recommendation. Only downside is the longer than expected time between installation and moving the boat

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> All, 
> I am getting the boat out of the yard Thursday with a fresh bottom (after 5
> years in the water year round it was time - though got to love Trinidad SR
> at least in this area). Also dealt with assorted blisters dings and gouges;
> torqued out a slight smirk; got the Martec rebuilt; replaced the cutlass
> bearing; replaced the dripping dripless stuffing box; dressed the shaft;
> lubed the thru hulls; addressed a centerboard 'issue'; and otherwise got it
> ready to float for another couple years. Once back home, I am going to
> tackle the frameless fixed lights-another project past due. I know from past
> discussions to get cast acrylic and use the old ones as templates- easy
> enough. The bedding choices seem to be between Plexus and Sikaflex 295UV.
> One requires a special mixing caulk gun and the other an outrageously priced
> primer. Anyone have an easier third choice that has worked well? I need good
> enough - not perfect. I want to get going as they are playing baseball here
> so the weather is bound to get out of the 60/70s and be warm enough to sail
> soon. 
> Kim Brown
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