Stus-List C&C 33 MKII Mast step Technical drawings needed.

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Sat Mar 9 13:13:33 EST 2013

Hello Richard
Thank you for the information.  It is good to connect with some C&Cers
I am in Leamington Ontario.  I sail the North Western part of Lake Erie.
Your photos of the process would be very much appreciated.
Thank you so some much for your kind help
Jim Buschman

On Sat, Mar 9, 2013 at 10:33 AM, Richard N. Bush <bushmark4 at> wrote:

> Jim, welcome to the list; the mast step issue is well known among 33-II
> owners; there are spec drawings available from the Great Lakes Museum,
> (link is on the C&C photoalbum website); I am not aware of other technical
> drawings; several other 33-II owners have successfully dealt with the mast
> step problem; we did it on my boat and I can send you photos of the process
> if you wish, but mostly its a matter of opening up the area and reinforcing
> the underlayment so that it can withstand the mast loads;  on my boat (with
> mast out) we took out the mast step bracket and ground out the area, which
> has some sort of "filler" and replaced it with thickened epoxy and so far
> we have had no further issues; it is a tedious and dirty job, but after
> doing it you will have much greater confidence in the boat; I am sure that
> others on this list can give you much greater detail;  where are you
> located?  There may be a boat near you that you can go see how it was
> done...
>  Richard
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>  Good Day everyone
> My name is Jim Buschman. This is my first post.
> I am looking to purchase a C&C 33MkII.  I have my eye on one.
> I have read the posts regadring the Mast Sinking problem on the keel bolt
>  and the associated problems with this.
> Are there any technical drawings or pictures that display the
> configuration of this?
> Are there any clear instructions and pictures that show how to repair this?
> Thank you.
> Jim
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