Stus-List mainsheet blocks for 29'

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I think the triple block and ratchet system that I sent you a picture of
from my 35 MKII is a bit much for your could however use a double
block and ratchet system in a similar arrangement for a 5:1 purchase.I think
that would do fine.the ratchet block with cleat is a nice little feature for
easier control.  The way mine is setup with a snap shackle to the traveler
car as you can see in the photo allows me to easily detach and move the
mainsheet assembly to the toe rail when on the hook. 


Dwight Veinot

C&C 35 MKII, Alianna

Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS



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   I'm in the process of replacing the traveler, mainsheet blocks on my 29'.
Think I still have original equipment and is in the cockpit.  Can others
provide me with types of blocks they use or recommendations?  I viewed the
Harken site, with recommendation a 6:1 triple block system (hexratchet at
the base).  A local sailmaker stated these fail quite often and have a lot
of friction due to the twist.  He recommended a 5:1 system.


   Can others provide suggested setups?  Look forward to guidance.




Tim Welsh

Sly Fox

Mallets Bay, VT

29' MK1 (1976)


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